2012  - Premièred in October at Centro Cultural Vila Flor

Commissioned by Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture.

Composers and Improvisers: Carlos Guedes, Filipe Lopes, Gustavo Costa, José Alberto Gomes, Pedro Rebelo,

                          Rui Dias andRui Penha

Improvisers: Carlos Zíngaro (violin) and Nuno Aroso (percussion)

Live video: Kirk Woolford

Conductor: Jean-Marc Burfin

Fundação Orquestra Estúdio


Concerto X is an 80 minute work with an agenda: seven composers chose to compose this piece in close cooperation and without internal borders between contributions. The aesthetic diversity was never a problem, but actually the vehicle that enabled the final result. In a time when individual responsibility is many times diluted in the crowd, we aimed not to confine to a predetermined aesthetic, instead aiming towards the development a communal aesthetic. The process was hence based on sharing, mutual respect and the willingness to recognize beauty in the confrontation of personal approaches. Concerto X is thus an example of common good, where it is easy to identify the communal responsibility, but difficult to discern individual property.