Floating Stillness


Floating Stillness portrays a specific moment in time. 

It is a meditation on a paradoxical period at a multifunctional building for collective use. Instead of weaving together people and stories, the big machine is on standby, its parts suspended mid-air.

Floating Stillness guides us through different spaces as the temporarily vacant building is revealed in fragments. The sound emerges, unveiling an expectant inner soul. In this narrative, the building is the starting point for a poetic analysis of the moment we are living in.

Lille, France © 2021

2021 | 5'48'' | Black&White | 16:9


Direction & Edit: Miguel C. Tavares

D.O.P & Grading: Luis Moreira

Sound & Original Score: José Alberto Gomes

Sound Design Assistant: Rafael Maia

Graphics: Inês Bianchi

Special Thanks: Kees Kaan, Laurence Thuilliez, Martina Martini, Tiago Costa

*MINUTES is a series of commissioned short films portraying KAAN Architecten's project's through the lenses of international filmmakers.