Intelligent Robots Will Take My Job

(for Phobos, Dysfunctional Robotic Orchestra)


Commissioned by Sonoscopia

Phobos is a set of small robots and automatic music generation devices that form a Disfunctional Robotic Orchestra, an orchestra with strange instruments with defects, genetic mutations and erratic behaviors.

Phobos represents a critique of the technological overlapping over human thought, the function of labour and modern forms of slavery, as well as an historical retrospective of the various attempts of human liberation through machines, its technological utopias, the advances and retreats of freedoms. Its name comes from greek mythology, where Phobos is the incarnation of fear, and is also the name of the largest moon of Mars, doomed to disappear due to the proximity of its orbit to the planet.

Conception and artistic direction: Gustavo Costa

New instruments by: Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa, Alberto Lopes

Guest musicians and instrument builders: Thierry Madiot, Vincent Martial and Hanna Hartman

Programming and robotics: Tiago Ângelo and João Menezes

Composition: Carlos Guedes, Rui Dias and José Alberto Gomes

Cenographic Design: Igor Gandra (Teatro de Ferro)

Video: Miguel C. Tavares

Executive production: Patrícia Caveiro

Production: Sonoscopia

Technical assistance: Digitópia

Logistic support: Teatro de Ferro

Partners: GNRation, NYU Abu Dhabi, CCVF, Centro Cultural de Ílhavo and Festival Bons Sons