Musical Direction and Original Music


All the reasons for making a revolution are out there. There is none missing. The wreckage of politics, the arrogance of the powerful, the reign of the false, the vulgarity of the rich, the cataclysms of industry, rampant misery, exploitation, ecological apocalypse ... we are not deprived of anything, not even of being informed about all this ... All the reasons are met, however, reasons do not make the revolutions;  bodies do. And the bodies are in front of the screens.

Direction and Choreography Né Barros

Video and Music Haarvöl

Music Digitópia Casa da Música with execution of José Alberto Gomes (Space is only Space) Parmegiani (Pop Ecletic), Stockhausen (Studie II), Cage (Sonatas 1,2,3,5) and Reich (Pendulum) musical pieces

Musical Direction José Alberto Gomes

Piano Duarte Cardoso

Costumes Né Barros, Manuel Casimiro

Light Design José Álvaro Correia

Photography Pedro Figueiredo

Performers Deeogo Oliveira, Elisabete Magalhães, Francesca Perrucci, José Meireles, Júlio Cerdeira, Sónia Cunha

Coproduction Teatro Municipal do Porto, Balleteatro

Communication Sandra Mesquita

Photography Pedro Figueiredo

Design Telmo Sá (Estúdio Ás)

Support to artistic residence 23 Milhas

Support Companhia Instável

Pedro Figueiredo