Sempre levei na bagagem muito pouca coisa*

2013 - A encruzilhada

Expedição & Semibreve - Maus Hábitos

masking tape, metal figures, light sensor, sound

in collaboration with Emiliano Zelada

Masking tape is the only material used; it allows to neutralize some architectonic fragments that will remain intact and surrounded in recognition from any other interventions. The use of tape within this work goes onto originating a visual and acoustic independent entity through erasure, thus the glass’s space generates its own dimension, which no longer is the intermediary between interior and exterior, but will transit the sonic dimension of natural circumstances altering the unwanted scenario.

The creation of different layers determines the amount of light going into the building, being light also measurable in frequencies, just like sound. Sound will be generated by the amount of light captured; diverting from the function of certain materials such as the masking tape, and expanding the enquiry of the politics of the gaze into the realm of time.

A non-space that originates where the in-between sounds are found, triggering possible official structures in the expansion and generative process of margins and levels; where the tension formed between the actual and the potential are found.

  1. *Al Berto, Lunário, 1988, Ed Assírio e Alvim

Thank you to the artist Carmo Osul

fotos & video: Rui Manuel Vieira