Snapshot - Som urbano sob fundo branco I

2012 - Casa do Infante Porto

Instalação curated by Sonoscopia Associação Cultiral for Manobras no Porto

This Installation system has, as main purpose, the elevation of the urban sound to material art material. This intervention focuses on two important focus : The first is the isolation of small Porto sound moments in a format normally dedicated to artistic or musical sound . Which fragments are audible or not is a public decision during the action to play or not to play the vinyl; The second will be a musical and artistic interpretation of these soundscapes that reflects a new body sound , amplified by numerous tiny speakers who inhabit the space.

Although not visible , small scattered columns are divided into two groups which allows to have two  different" voices ".

Last 10 minutes of inactivity , the system enter in automatic mode in which  between elevated periods of time play small environments characteristic of the zone that blend with the natural sound . From these environments were created two pieces using only the sounds of Porto edited on one 10'' vinyl with original illustrations by José Cardoso .

A familiar object like a turntable makes the relationship with the audience defiant in public space. With out instructions on how to relate to the installation, the public decides whether or not to put vinyl playing. At this point the automatic mode is paused for the piece to be played by a different set of columns as the first set of columns orchestrate / manipulate in real-time moments of the work .

Vinyl labels illustrations by José Cardoso

max patch