By: Miguel C. Tavares & José Alberto Gomes

We live in an increasingly virtual world without leaving the physical places our bodies inhabit. We are alone but at the same time we keep constantly contact with the world. The city feeds this dual mobility - physical and virtual - through a variety of situations, routines and rhythms in our everyday life. Spaces deeply encoded and propitious to individualism and indifference, transform us in spectators of places where no one is truly part of.

在中间 IN BETWEEN 在中間” guides us through the night of Hong Kong and their liminal places where everyone gets absorbed in their private online worlds and addicted to feedback, constant updates and information. Virtual or real, moving or still, temporally and spatially, in cantonese, english or chinese, we are constantly “in between”. In the end no one is physically somewhere. And we have gone from looking up and around to constantly looking down.

This film is about this state of loneliness, about ambiguity and disorientation, darkness and silence.“在中间 IN BETWEEN 在中間” is a space between confusion, chaos and liberation.

一部电影 a film by 一部電影

米格尔·塔瓦雷斯 Miguel C. Tavares 米格爾·塔瓦雷斯

何塞阿尔贝托·戈麦斯 José Alberto Gomes 何塞阿爾貝托·戈麥斯

錄像 cinematography 錄像

米格尔·塔瓦雷斯 Miguel C. Tavares 米格爾·塔瓦雷斯

音乐/声音 music / sound 音樂/聲音

何塞阿尔贝托·戈麦斯 José Alberto Gomes 何塞阿爾貝托·戈麥斯

颜色校正 color correction 顏色校正

曼努埃尔·瑞·维埃拉 Rui Manuel Vieira 曼努埃爾·瑞·維埃拉

图形 graphics 圖形

玛塔·拉莫斯 Marta Ramos 瑪塔·拉莫斯

特别感谢 special thanks 特別感謝

蒂亚戈·席尔瓦 Tiago Silva 蒂亞戈·席爾瓦

翁羡婷 Yung Sin Ting 翁羡婷