Live Music - 8 channel system


- Trying to accurately describe a face.

- Trying to describe the face of someone who no longer exists.

- Finding words capable of describing the face of someone who no longer exists.

- Finding the place in one’s brain where the dead remain.

- Someone’s under the rubble.

- Someone’s fully covered in dust.

- Trying to dig to the place where

- Trying to write so as not to forget a face. Trying to salvage a face.

- Trying to turn that face into the one we remember.

- Someone’s blind by an obfuscating light.

- Someone’s blind because it turned dark all of a sudden.

- Someone moves the fog away with his hands

- Or pierces a plastic from within.

- Or a huge

Direction and text. Raquel S.

Interpretation. Margarida Gonçalves

Scenography. Catarina Barros

Music. José Alberto Gomes

Light Design. Rui Monteiro

Costumes. Catarina Barros and Raquel S.

Support for scientific research. Sara Adães

Image and video. Nuno Matos

A Noitarder production - Cultural Association

Coproduction. Porto Municipal Theater

FITEI 2018

Rui Pinheiro

José Caldeira