Piano Caos


Education Service | Concerts for All

Commissioned by Casa da Música

In the beginning there was chaos ...

For an hour we will be able to watch a ten out of a thousand and one ways of how to approach "a" piano.

From its origins to its evolution, from influences and towards the future. We go through several instruments as through various possibilities of extended technique and interaction with technology.

From repertoire pieces to others to others without score, everything goes in Piano Chaos.

What pianist ...?

Duarte Cardoso and José Alberto Gomes artistic direction

Daniela Leite Castro creation and choreographic interpretation

Duarte Cardoso Acoustic Instruments

José Alberto Gomes programming, processing and synthesizers

Miguel C. Tavares Video

Students of the Product Design Course at the University of Minho props and set design

                                              (Coordination - Bernardo Providência and Lígia Lopes)

Photos Alexandre Delmar